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Poetic Ecstasy

Stimulating the Heart and Soul

Step into the world of love and take its wonderful journey as it stimulates the mind, body, heart and soul. Unleashing sensory delights of intimacy and happiness. This poetry book is a collaboration between two poets and their poetic compositions of a true and unique take on love.

Paperback | eBook

The Heart of a Rose

Beauty and Intensity

A collection of 66 poems with illustrations and tells a story. It reflects on the heart and challenges in love relationships. Whether you are in love, a break up, healing process, or single. There are feelings and emotions everyone can resonate with in this poetry book.

Paperback  | AudiobookeBook


A Little Poetic

The Power of Words

A short poem that moves you is powerful. A long poem that keeps you is impressive. Poetic thoughts, feelings, and short poems. 

"The beauty of a poem is not in the length of the content...

It's in the power of the words."


3 Book Bundle

Special Package

Receive all 3 books by Teresa James at a discounted price for the bundle. A little Poetic, The Heart of a Rose, and Poetic Ecstasy (signed copies).

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